Ladies in Harmony

Ladies in Harmony is a 26 strong ladies choir that has been running for almost eight years, and is made up entirely of retired ladies who sing for fun & friendship.

It’s a lovely friendly and informal choir with no requirement to take an audition, be able to read music or even have any musical experience at all. Also with very few public performances, there is no pressure to sing in public either.

You don’t even have to sing from day one. You can just sit and listen until you feel you can join in, even just a little bit. Although the ladies will tell you, first you’ll be tapping your toes, then you’ll be humming along & before you know where you are you’ll be singing along too.

Enjoyment is the main objective of the choir but as a result many friendships are formed, new confidence is gained and laughter is shared.

For many of the ladies in the choir, joining gave them their first opportunity to sing with other people since they left school. This gives them a great sense of belonging and being part of a group, working together to produce something that sounds beautiful.

They will also tell you that there are benefits of being in the choir that go beyond having fun on a Monday morning. Some have seen the positive impact singing has had on their physical well being. For others being in the choir has meant discovering things about themselves that they did not know they could do, and for many, a boost to their self confidence and independence has been an unexpected bonus.

Meeting on a Monday morning, many of the ladies will tell you it’s the best start to the week you can have. It puts a spring in your step and sets you up for the week ahead.

The choir sings a bit of everything. From folk songs, show songs and madrigals to rounds, classical pieces and pop songs (of a certain era!). You name it & they’ll have a go.

The choir is led by Vera West, who loves seeing others enjoy singing. She also plays the piano for the choir and writes special arrangements just for the ladies.

She is a keen singer herself having been involved in church choirs, choral societies, madrigal groups and musical theatre as well as playing many instruments, so she has a lot of experience to draw on to keep the ladies entertained and in control.

Vera says of the choir

“I love going to choir on a Monday morning, it’s a great group of enthusiastic ladies and when I look round and see so many faces smiling back at me, I know we’ve got the balance right.”

The choir meets most Monday mornings at 10 am for 2 hours with a break for tea, coffee, biscuits and a good natter half way through.

If you would like to have a chat with Vera about joining the choir, please get in touch via XXX