Harrogate and District Naturalists’ Society

The Harrogate & District Naturalists’ Society (HDNS) is involved in observing and recording all aspects of natural history in a 750 square mile (1,200 sq.km.) area around Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon, including the whole of Nidderdale and the lower reaches of the River Ure. The wide range of habitats makes the area most rewarding to work at all times of the year.

In order to encourage participation and improve the identification skills of members, field meetings are organised throughout the year, led by people experienced within a particular section, giving members the opportunity to see new species and learn how to identify specimens. In the Autumn and Winter a varied programme of lectures is held.

The Society appoints knowledgeable members as Recorders who receive information and observations of vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish), invertebrates (for example butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles) and plants which occur in the Society’s recording area.

In agreement with the landowners, the members of the Society have permission to visit Farnham Gravel Pit, a multi-use private site north of Knaresborough, and to manage the environs of the South Lake for wildlife. A key (supplied to members) is needed for access.

Examples of Field Meetings:
Winter Walk: Roecliffe to Bishop Monkton . January 12 2016
Hares and Finches in Ripon February 25th 2016
RSPB Fairburn & Swillington Ings / St Aidans March 15th 2016

Winter Lectures: All held here at St Roberts. Examples of Winter Lectures:
The Dales and Uplands: Can the Natural Wildlife Survive, January 27 2016
Red Kites in Yorkshire, March 9 2016
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