• Who is the Pilates Fairy???

    My name is Jo, otherwise know as the Pilates Fairy!, I’m a fully qualified Mat Pilates Instructor with over 4 1/2 years experience of teaching at all levels. I have training in Pilates for Orthopaedic and Musculo-skeletal issues as well as Standing Pilates to help improve balance and strength.
    Pilates can benefit everyone regardless of their experience as every move can be modified or progressed so it will build strength without bulk, improve flexibility and enhance appearance as well as performance.
    Practised regularly you can benefit from more efficient respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems, a stronger, healthier and supported spine, boosted immune system, increased bone density and joint mobility.
    My classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and are available throughout the week:
    Tuesday 7.30pm &
    Wednesday at 6pm both at St Aelred’s Church Hall, Woodlands Drive &
    Friday at St Robert’s Centre at 7.15pm.
    I also offer personalised one-2-one sessions on request.
    To contact me please call 07711 671833 or email pilatesfairy@gmail.com